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The Digital Solution to Climate Risk

Hedge your assets and operations by identifying and quantifying exposure to a changing climate

Turn risks into opportunities

Trusted by organisations across the globe

Bridging deep climate tech with financial expertise

since 2019

In minutes and with minimum data input, download high-resolution physical climate risk analytics across IPCC-aligned climate scenarios and time horizons


Granular Data

Assess and quantify the impact of climate hazards such as rainfall flood, storm surge, typhoon, sea level rise, etc at a very high resolution and accuracy down to street-level

Dollar Value for

Climate Risk

We translate climate data combined with satellite imagery, vulnerability, and socioeconomic data into a dollar value for informed decision-making

Compatible with Global Reporting Standards

Gain valuable insights and provide your stakeholders with potential financial liabilities, in formats aligned with TCFD, ISSB, and CSRD/ESRS climate disclosure reporting frameworks

Global & Asia


Access our team's 50+ years of cumulative experience and knowledge, as well as terabytes of data and analytics of the Asia Pacific region and beyond

Your Climate Risk Solution

Our unique capabilities and expertise support clients in implementing risk
mitigation and fortifying business resilience, particularly in high-exposure sectors.


Focus on resilience and efficiency, to mitigate exposure to
climate hazards and ensure sustainable operations for the material sector via
contingency planning backups.

Financial Institutions

Whether it is climate stress tests, scenario analysis, or compliance requirements,  Intensel delivers accurate and  granular climate risk data.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Identify vulnerable locations to avoid business disruptions, outages and protect your extended value chain with accurate and granular data.

Real Estate

Quantitative data integration and
risk mapping for better informed decision making, while adhering to TCFD, ISSB, and MAS reporting guidelines.


Instead of traditional models, we use forward looking climate change based models, which lets you minimise your exposure to physical and transition risks.

How We Do it: Our Technology, Data and Methodology

 Applying dynamic climate modeling, we incorporate future climate scenarios over multiple time horizons to understand acute and chronic hazard exposure. This is layered with socio-economic data to model asset vulnerabilities and converted into financial value-at-risk (VaR).

Data Sources

Building Specific Data

Satellite Imagery
Building height, terrain footprint etc

Mitigation Level Data

Flood Mitigation
Storm Surge Structure

Infrastructure Type Data

LULC (Land Cover Use)

Socio-Economic Data



Observed Losses








Top assets at risk

Climate Value-at-Risk ($/%)

Risk Severity Level

Days of interruption

and many more...

Nature Hazards Covered


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Climate Analytics at Your Fingertips

As businesses, investors and governments navigate the implications of climate change, Intensel is committed to creating climate solutions to support real-time, accurate decision-making.

Climate Risk

Alignment with climate risk-related metrics, required by TCFD, ISSB & ESRS/CSRD, and other frameworks

  • Climate Value-at-Risk

  • Climate Score

  • Number of days of business interruption

  • Technical Insurance Premium

  • Climate Spread

  • Number and % of high-risk assets

  • Multiple time horizons (2020- 2100)

  • IPCC climate scenarios (RCP & SSP)

  • Coverage of 10 acute and chronic physical risks

Risk Assesment & Management

Climate Value-at-Risk
  • Potential climate-related portfolio losses
  • Potential climate-related losses at the portfolio and asset level
  • Climate credit spread estimation at the portfolio and company level
Stress Test Scenarios
  • Predictive analysis
  • RCP & SSP climate scenarios
  • Return period risk
  • Dollar loss exposure


Climate-related risks are becoming an increasingly important part of the due diligence process

  • Credible screening for key risks in existing and potential investments
  • Valuable insights into the potential financial liabilities associated with climate-related risks

Supply Chain Risk Management

Increased climate-induced supply chain disruptions leading to business interruptions

  • Identification and anticipation of acute and chronic physical climate events that could cause potential disruptions
  • # Days of disruption
  • Operational Losses
  • Insights into supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Employee Health and Safety

Resilience Planning

Understanding the potential risks and impacts of climate change at the asset level of critical facilities, and infrastructure, is crucial to the development of mitigation strategies:

  • Emergency response plans
  • Adaptation measures
  • Long-term investments in infrastructure and building resilience

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