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Climate analytics at your fingertips
Granular data for accurate and informed decision making

Climate risk reporting & Disclosure

With Intensel’s leading climate risk analytics, clients can assess and quantify the impact of climate-related hazards on individual assets within a portfolio across time horizons and climate scenarios. Global leading corporations rely on Intensel’s user friendly digital platform for TCFD aligned disclosures and to respond proactively to key regulatory requirements.


Risk Assessment & Management

Intensel’s comprehensive analytics and granular asset-level Climate Value-at-Risk (CVaR) is an essential tool for actionable insights on how the changing climate will affect a company’s assets and operations around the world. By integrating physical climate risk data into risk management processes companies can stress test assets across time horizons and climate scenarios to understand which hazards could be material to their business and allocate resources for long-term resilience.

Due Diligence

Intensel’s granular asset-level climate data and analytics enables credible screening for key risks in existing and potential investments. This enables the integration of climate risk considerations when targeting new investment opportunities. Climate-related risks are becoming an increasingly important part of the due diligence process. Intensel’s digital platform provides investors with valuable insights into the potential financial liabilities associated with climate-related risks.

Forest Fires

Supply Chain Risk Management

With Intensel’s global high-resolution data, organisations can identify and anticipate acute and chronic physical climate events that could disrupt their supply chains. Utilising Intensel’s data and analytics, clients can develop and implement strategies to mitigate these risks and ensure business continuity, such as diversifying their supply sources, strengthening relationships with suppliers, and adopting more sustainable practices.

Resilience Planning

Highly granular, asset-level climate risk analytics is critical for climate resilience planning, as it provides a detailed understanding of the potential risks and impacts of climate change on assets, critical facilities, and infrastructure. Intensel’s analytics helps to gain invaluable insights for the development of strategies to mitigate the potential effects of climate change, such as emergency response plans, adaptation measures, and long-term investments in infrastructure and building resilience.


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