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Climate Tech company, Intensel, to join Taronga Ventures’ ESG Impact innovation program in 2023

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Intensel has been selected to participate in an internationally recognised built environment innovation program by Taronga Ventures, a leading real asset technology investor.

Singapore, 13 July 2023 - Intensel Limited, a climate tech data analytics firm, today announces its participation in ESG Impact by RealTechX, an innovation platform of leading built environment technology investor, Taronga Ventures. The ESG Impact program supports emerging innovation to achieve sustained growth and scale, maximising their social and environmental impact on the built environment. Among over 310 applications from over 40 countries, Intensel is one of 12 companies selected for the 2023 program.

The program, now in its second year, is a strategic, sector-wide initiative supported by global real estate corporations leading in sustainability, including APG, CapitaLand, CBRE, Dexus, International Towers, ISPT, Ivanhoé Cambridge, PGIM Real Estate and Vicinity Centres. Through this program, Intensel aims to work closely with ESG Impact and its program partners to explore opportunities to implement innovative solutions and drive better ESG outcomes, including how to better understand, manage and mitigate climate risks in the real asset sector.

ESG Impact innovation program participating companies in FinTech, ClimateTech and real estate
ESG Impact innovation program participating companies

Globally, assets and infrastructure services face significant risks posed by climate change. The increasing frequencies and intensities of climate hazards such as flooding, tropical cyclones and sea level rise are expected to result in substantial physical damages and operational disruptions to real assets, particularly in high-risk regions. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the value of assets exposed to a 1-in-100-year coastal flood is estimated between US$7.9 trillion and US$12.7 trillion globally by 2100. Within the Asia-Pacific region, many cities will continue to remain highly vulnerable to the impacts of extreme weather events, if climate risks are inadequately assessed and subsequently addressed with adaptation measures.

The ESG challenge in real estate is immense, with over US$5 trillion in funding expected to be required over the next decade to decarbonise the built environment. In recent years, global investors and real estate developers have focused on reducing their carbon footprint but the sector is still responsible for 37% of total carbon emissions globally. The intersection between institutional capital, innovation-forward corporates, and emerging technologies is key to changing the future of real estate.

Julian Kezelman, Taronga Venture’s Innovation Director, said “ Identifying pathways to net zero and understanding climate risk are two pressing and inextricably linked challenges faced by the real asset sector today. We are pleased to welcome Intensel into the ESG Impact innovation program for 2023, as their platform can assist our corporate partners to better manage their responses to the global climate challenge.”

Dr. Entela Benz, Chief Executive Officer of Intensel said, “We are delighted to have been selected for ESG Impact in 2023. The program will enable us to build new partnerships and increase commercial opportunities with clients across Asia Pacific and beyond. We are looking forward to helping the program’s corporate partners to understand, manage and mitigate their climate risk and to deliver real-world impact.”

The program’s 12 participants were selected based on the ESG priorities of corporate partners as a representation of global industry dynamics, with a focus on smart ESG management, clean energy, climate risk assessment, natural resource management, governance and security for 2023. With a core focus on implementing best-in-class innovations in assets and projects, The ESG Impact program has also supported other leading disruptors such as Ampd Energy, battery-based power to replace diesel generators in construction, Measurabl, ESG reporting software for commercial real estate, and CarbonCure, carbon dioxide utilisation technology which reduces the carbon intensity of concrete.

About Intensel Limited

Founded in 2019, Intensel is one of Asia's leading ClimaTech solutions providers that offers a scalable fintech solution to help businesses to identify and understand the financial impacts of climate change. Intensel’s climate analytics digital platform solution aims to fulfil its mission to build a more resilient global economy with climate solutions that support real-time, accurate decision-making. Beyond current climate risks, Intensel combines science and technology to help investors navigate climate change-related risks for the region to stay ahead of imminent climate regulations. With offices in Hong Kong, India, and Singapore, Intensel has plans to continue its growth in the banking, real estate, infrastructure, insurance, and asset management sectors in Asia. For more information about Intensel Limited, please visit

Taronga Ventures is one of the world’s leading technology investors focused on driving innovation across real asset sectors such as real estate and infrastructure. The group consists of the RealTech Ventures funds, the RealTechX innovation programs, and Taronga Advisory, which provides institutional real asset owners and operators with strategic advice on critical areas of sustainability and technology. Taronga Ventures’ funds are backed by leading global institutional investors and major real asset owners and operators. Taronga Ventures covers markets across Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Learn more about Taronga Ventures.


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