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Intensel Selected as Top Ten Finalist for Accenture’s 2023 FinTech Innovation Lab APAC Program

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

  • Intensel has been selected to participate in the highly competitive FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific (FILAP) accelerator program by Accenture in 2023.

  • Backed by leading financial institutions, FILAP supports early to growth-stage fintech companies in accelerating their growth and adoption in the region.

  • Intensel’s selection highlights the strength and potential of its solution to meet a growing demand for high-quality data and robust climate analytics.

Hong Kong, 17 May 2023 - Intensel Limited, a climate tech data analytics firm, today announces its selection as one of the ten finalists for the prestigious Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific (FILAP) program. The program in 2023, which received over 100 applicants across 19 territories, recognizes the strength of Intensel’s climate risk solutions in meeting an accelerating demand for climate-related financial risk assessments.

A global premium accelerator program, the FinTech Innovation Lab APAC assists early- to growth-stage enterprise technology companies in accelerating their product and business development. The program provides mentorship and unparalleled access to senior executives at the world’s leading financial institutions and technology companies. Through co-creation and collaboration, the program offers opportunities for participating companies to build real-world solutions for business challenges and accelerate fintech innovation in the region.

As a participating company, Intensel will gain access to Accenture’s extensive global network of key decision-makers, mentors and venture capital firms in the financial services industry. This access provides opportunities for Intensel to establish new engagements on climate risk assessments and disclosures, and to further refine its products in collaboration with partners in the sector.

Dr. Entela Benz, Chief Executive Officer of Intensel said, “We’re honoured to be selected, especially considering the large pool of applicants for this program. This is a recognition of our strong climate risk analytics product for the financial services market. Through the program we look forward to establishing new relationships with innovators and leaders from the industry to accelerate our growth in the region.”

Globally, a large amount of assets remain vulnerable to risks posed by climate change. Given the increasing understanding of these risks, disclosure standards and requirements for climate-related financial risks – such as the upcoming International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) global standards – are expected to accelerate across markets. Participation in the FILAP program brings Intensel a step closer to meet this demand as the go-to provider for high-quality climate data and robust analytics in Asia and beyond.

Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab Asia Pacific 2023
Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab Asia Pacific 2023

About Intensel Limited

Founded in 2019, Intensel is one of Asia's leading ClimaTech solutions providers that offers a scalable fintech solution to help businesses to identify and understand the financial impacts of climate change. Their climate analytics digital platform solution aims to fulfil their mission to build a more resilient global economy with climate solutions that support real-time, accurate decision-making. Beyond current climate risks, Intensel combines science and technology to help investors navigate climate change-related risks for the region to stay ahead of imminent climate regulations. With offices in Hong Kong, India, and Singapore, Intensel has plans to continue their ambitious growth among the banking, real estate, infrastructure, insurance, and asset management sectors in Asia.

For more information about Intensel Limited, please visit


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