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Asia's Leading Climate Tech Company

Be Climate Ready

Climate risk digital platform to mitigate your physical risks and

financial impacts related to the extreme weather events of climate change

Forward-Looking Climate Risk Analytics for Insurance Providers

To assess future risks, traditional insurance risk models rely on historical data, which is no longer relevant in our changing climate as the escalating consequences of climate change are disrupting the insurance industry and make risk assessment increasingly challenging. 
Our advanced climate analytics accurately assesses and prices climate-related risks, ensuring sustainable underwriting practices.
By leveraging our deep climate modeling, extensive data resources, and advanced artificial intelligence, insurance companies can make informed decisions, enhance resilience, and optimize portfolio management.
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Models Based on Climate Change

Accurately quantify your climate riks with our analytics that integrate climate change impacts into the risk models, as opposed to historical data which is no longer relevant.

Granular Data

Precisely assess and quantify the impact of climate-related hazards and get credible screening for any asset in the world.

Dollar Value
for Climate Risk

Quantify financial impacts of chronic and acute hazard exposures, and make well informed decisions. 

Global & Asian

Access our team's 50+ years cumulative experience and knowledge in Asian markets, as well as terabytes of data and analytics focused on the Asia Pacific region.  

Our Data and Models

Intensel’s proprietary climate analytics provides portfolio and asset-level analysis to enable climate-informed risk mitigation and capital allocation decisions.


Applying dynamic climate modelling, we incorporate future climate scenarios over multiple time horizons to understand acute and chronic hazard exposure. This is layered with socio-economic data to model asset vulnerabilities and then converted into financial value-at-risk (VaR).

Data Sources

Building Specific Data

Satellite Imagery
Building height, terrain footprint etc

Mitigation Level Data

Flood Mitigation
Storm Surge Structure

Infrastructure Type Data

LULC (Land Cover Use)

Socio-Economic Data

Observed Losses

Our Clients from the Insurance Sector


"Intensel was a critical partner in helping us assess the dollar value risk of damage to the hard assets and associated operational loss in our portfolio due to climate change-related events. Intensel’s digital climate risk platform and underlying climate data analytics was essential for us to estimate climate-related risks and disclose the relevant data within our portfolios.
Besides being very comprehensive in terms of climate risk analytics, Intensel’s data are also very granular and the platform is easy to use. The tool not only helps us disclose in line with TCFD requirements but also supports us in term of risk management."

- Chris Ritchie
President, Silvercrest Capital

Extreme Storm

Climate Analytics at Your Fingertips

As businesses, investors and governments explore the transition to a net-zero world, Intensel is committed to creating climate solutions to support real time, accurate decision making.

Climate Risk


Climate risk related metrics, aligned with TCFD, ISSB & ESRS/CSRD frameworks:

  • Climate Value-at-Risk

  • Climate Score

  • Number of days of business interruption

  • Technical Insurance Premium

  • Climate Spread

  • Number and % of assets exposed to >80% of losses

  • Multiple time horizons (2020- 2100)

  • Multiple IPCC climate scenarios

  • Coverage of 10 acute and chronic physical risks

Risk Assesment & Management

Climate Value-at-Risk
  • Potential climate-related portfolio losses
  • Potential climate-related losses at the  company and asset level
  • Climate credit spread estimation at the portfolio and company level
Stress Test Scenarios
  • Predictive analysis
  • RCP & SSP climate scenarios
  • Return period risk
  • Dollar loss exposure


Climate-related risks are becoming an increasingly important part of the due diligence process.

Intensel digital platform provides:
  • Credible screening for key risks in existing and potential investments
  • Valuable insights into the potential financial liabilities associated with climate-related risks

Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Identification and anticipation of acute and chronic physical climate events that could disrupt your supply chains
  • Climate-related risks mitigation
  • Ensuring business continuity, such as diversifying supply sources, strengthening relationships with suppliers, and adopting more sustainable practices

Resilience Planning

Understanding of the potential risks and impacts of climate change on assets, critical facilities, and infrastructure, crucial to the development of mitigation strategies:
  • Emergency response plans
  • Adaptation measures
  • Long-term investments in infrastructure and building resilience

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