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Our Approach to Climate Modelling and Financial Analysis

We translate climate data into tangible asset-specific dollar loss and opportunity

Climate Analytics For Climate-informed Decisions

Intensel’s proprietary climate analytics provides portfolio and asset-level analysis to enable climate-informed risk mitigation and capital allocation decisions. Applying dynamic climate modelling, we incorporate future climate scenarios over multiple time horizons to understand acute and chronic hazard exposure. This is layered with socio-economic data to model asset vulnerabilities and then converted into financial value-at-risk (VaR).

Deep Technology For Actionable Climate Insights

Our technology analyses risks related to extreme climate events such as typhoons, sea-level rise, storm surge and flood, among others. Leveraging AI, Big Data, cloud platforms, and supercomputers, current and future financial risks related to climate change are calculated and presented in a user-friendly format for internal and external application. Granular analysis is visualised through tables, charts, and explanations on a bespoke climate dashboard and portfolio report.

Peer-reviewed Data And Transparent Methodology

Our platform consists of terabytes of climate and socioeconomic data. We make use of peer-reviewed models like RCMs- WRF, GCM data sets, Hec-Ras, Hec-HMS, SLOSH by NOAA, etc., in addition to several credible tapped and untapped satellite sources. Intensel runs stress-test scenarios and forward-looking climate analysis to provide a broader range of climate and financial projections on a street (asset) level globally. Our rigorous methodology remains consistent and adaptable to new datasets, allowing all modelling and output to be globally scalable, while standardized and inter-regionally comparable. We use cloud-based technology to deliver real-time, granular climate risk analytics.

Easy-to-use Platform With Expert Customer Support

Our customers can use APIs or CSV files to integrate with the Intensel platform and develop a bespoke ‘project’ for climate analysis. An Intensel customer relationship manager with knowledge of the methodology and analysis outputs supports the customer through the platform on-boarding process.
In addition to the easy-to-use climate dashboard, reporting functions run instantaneous, customized reports. Intensel’s proprietary reporting functions, include the Intensel TCFD Climate Risk Report to support customer climate risk disclosures, as well as the detailed Intensel Climate Risk & Opportunity Assessment.

Data Model and Process


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