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We work with the world’s leading businesses

Helping them to understand their climate risk

Intensel has helped its clients build resilience and optimise their operations by providing comprehensive climate risk analysis that empowers them to make informed decisions around asset management, supply chain optimisation, and financial planning in the face of climate change.

Assets Commercially Analysed

$766 billion
Value of Assets Analysed
(in USD)

5 trillion
Data Points and counting

Dragon Capital

Dragon Capital is an investment group focused on Vietnam and other Southeast Asian emerging markets. Dedicated to improving corporate governance, contributing to society, and promoting sustainable development in the countries in which it invests, Dragon Capital (DC) seeks to optimise risk-adjusted performance by integrating ESG factors – including climate change – across its actively managed funds, comprising public equity and bond funds. To this end, in late 2020, Intensel ran its ‘blueswan’ portfolio climate risk assessment on DC’s Veil portfolio of 35 companies and 154 assets in Vietnam.

It is well known that Vietnam has a long coastline, and large deltas housing rapidly growing urban population. Intensel’s analysis shows that the country faces big challenges on three of the five major physical risk categories: floods, storm surges, and typhoons.

DC and the Intensel team selected those physical assets that, via portfolio weightings and market capitalization, are most significant to the value of the company. It was determined that for Veil the significance is not the current value at risk itself, but rather the likely projected increase in value at risk, until the period 2030-2050, under the given assumptions.

Case Studies

Hang Lung Properties

Hang Lung Properties develops and manages a diversified portfolio of world-class properties in Hong Kong and the Mainland, where it has been expanding its footprint since the 1990s. With an aim to achieve sustainability leadership in the real estate industry, Hang Lung has identified ‘Climate Resilience’ as one of its four priorities.

To better understand its climate risk exposure to physical climate hazards, Hang Lung partnered with Intensel to conduct its ‘black swan’ deep asset climate analysis on five of Hang Lung’s most valuable assets in the Chinese Mainland. Flooding was a key climate hazard to understand in order to identify climate mitigation measures and thus the Intensel team conducted its granular dynamic flood modelling on those key assets to inform mitigation and resilience measures.

SilverCrest Metals Inc.

SilverCrest Metals Inc. (SIL) is a Canadian precious metals exploration company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, that is focused on new discoveries, value-added acquisitions and targeting near-term production in Mexico’s historic precious metal districts.

Intensel is currently conducting a comprehensive climate risk assessment for SilverCrest’s Las Chispas site, including the surrounding area. Given water scarcity and heat stress is an ongoing concern in the Rio Sonora Valley, Mexico, SilverCrest wanted to conduct a deep analysis under multiple climate scenarios and time horizons to assess future risks and consider opportunities to promote resilience into the surrounding communities. SilverCrest will also develop its inaugural TCFD report, based on the data provided by Intensel.


Words from our Clients


It is imperative for the real estate industry to understand, anticipate, and adapt to climate change. Today, real estate investors who fail to take future climate impacts seriously could be left behind. JLL is at the forefront of helping the real estate sector build climate resilience. To this end, in 2023, JLL used Intensel's granular climate data and analytics to help us provide insightful climate resilience recommendations to one of our longstanding clients in China. Intensel's climate data and asset-level climate analytics played an important role is supporting JLL's market-leading climate management services.


Intensel is essential in analyzing potential physical climate risks associated with our portfolio’s assets across Asia, allowing access to both financial analysis as well as granular climate hazard variables. The Intensel team also provided quick and efficient platform support when we needed it. As far as application, the platform has proven to be a useful risk management tool, adding another layer to our comprehensive investment analysis.


Intensel was a critical partner in helping us assess the dollar value risk of damage to the hard assets and associated operational loss in our portfolio due to climate change-related events. Intensel’s digital climate risk platform and underlying climate data analytics was essential for us to estimate climate-related risks and disclose the relevant data within our portfolios. Besides being very comprehensive in terms of climate risk analytics, Intensel’s data are also very granular and the platform is easy to use. The tool not only helps us disclose in line with TCFD requirements but also supports us in term of risk management.

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