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Digital Platform

The Digital Solution to Climate Risk

Quantifying climate risk for actionable risk & opportunities insights - down to asset level

Product Overview

Intensel’s digital climate platform provides best-in-class, global climate analytics for financial institutions, real estate, and corporates to enable climate-informed risk mitigation, resilience planning and capital allocation decisions.

Comprehensive Climate Analytics

Global coverage on climate hazards such as rainfall floods, storm surges, typhoons, sea level rise etc. at very high resolution and accuracy

Dollar Value for climate risk

Climate data combined with satellite imagery, vulnerability and socioeconomic data translate climate hazards into a dollar-value

Faster, accurate and intuitive

In minutes, users can download street-level resolution analytics that can be overridden with asset-specific data for tailor-made solutions

Leveraging multiple AI and deep learning methods, terabytes of data, cloud platforms and rigorous science, Intensel’s technology models acute and chronic hazard exposures and climate-related financial value-at risk at the portfolio and asset-level across IPCC-aligned climate scenarios and time horizons.

Visualising Climate Change with Climate Modeling

Product Features

Global Coverage

Standardized data and methodology allowing for cross comparison

Climate Scenario Analysis

Anticipated financial impacts based on scenario analysis

Visual Dashboard

Easy to use and visual dashboard with output visualization and input (e.g; building revenue, valuation) parameter customization

Asset Vulnerability

Identification of assets vulnerable to physical risk

Heat maps

Physical risk heat maps

API integration

API integration for asset managers and high-volume data users

Automated Reports

Editable PowerPoint reports for board-level engagement and disclosure

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