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Regulatory Requirements for Physical Climate Risk Disclosures

Breaking down global mandatory requirements and incoming legislations by jurisdiction

March, 2024

Globally, the number of jurisdictions implementing climate-related disclosure requirements has accelerated in recent years. It is expected that by 2025, disclosures on the impacts and opportunities that arise from climate change will be mandatory for large and listed businesses across major financial markets. 


Our team has compiled a comprehensive guide outlining regulatory requirements in various countries.


This guide will help you navigate mandatory climate disclosures in key markets and ensure your organization is ready to meet upcoming deadlines.

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If you are an organization seeking to meet regulatory requirements and enhance your risk management strategies, explore the potential of our climate risk analytics platform.


Intensel leverages multiple enhanced AI and deep learning methods, uses big data, satellite imagery, and cloud platforms to model acute and chronic climate hazard exposures and climate-related financial Value-at-Risk at the portfolio and asset level across IPCC-aligned climate scenarios and time horizons.

Intensel offers a scalable solution that integrates climate risk data and insights into existing business workflows.

Get in touch with us today to discover how our user-friendly platform can assist you in navigating the challenges ahead and achieving greater climate resilience.

Digital Climate Risk Analytics Platform

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